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Request an online presentation with one of our incredible storytellers/artists and inspire your students to read, write and create art!

Would you like to have one of our acclaimed authors or illustrators give your school an online visit ?

From Monday, April 25th to Friday, April 29rd, we offer presentations by our authors and illustrators at schools throughout central Vancouver Island.  This year, once again and we hope for the last time, restrictions and travel cancelations led us to revise our approach and instead, we'll be proposing online presentations.


This will allow us to reach more children through these school presentations and will provide an opportunity for Bookfest to expose students of different backgrounds, interest levels and aptitudes to the creative power of art and literature.

Presentations will be charged $250 each.

Our Presentations descriptions Form includes booking information, teacher/librarian resources, presenter details and more.

Deadline for online registration is Thursday, March 3rd

Request your school visits today!


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