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Information for authors & illustrators, vendors and entertainers

Present at BookFest

Canadian Authors & Illustrators

BookFest will consider Canadian children's book authors or illustrators that have published works within the last year or two for participation in the festival. Presenters are shortlisted in late summer and our lineup is typically finalized by early fall for the festival the following spring.

Presenters will present twice on the day of the festival and they will also have the opportunity to do school visits during the school week prior to the festival. Contact us for more information.

Presenting at BookFest


We welcome Food Trucks, hot dog stands and other food vendors at BookFest.

We also offer the opportunity for schools, sports teams and other groups to Fundraise by having a simple food stand at BookFest.

Contact us for more information.



BookFest welcomes inquiries from a variety of entertainers! Musicians, dancers, singers, circus performers, roving entertainment...we love it all!

If you are interested in being a part of the action during our lunchtime festivities please contact us for more information.

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